ENERGY Detox Product Bundles:

We have created brand new bundles for those participating in our ENERGY detox! Each bundle includes over $300 worth of savings!! Every bundle includes:


          Any 43-day SBN Detox program (original or active, drops or patches) 

          FREE pouch of SBN Fat Burning Tea 2

          FREE Pre-Detox course!

Masterclass Keynote Speakers:


The information everyone wants to know to live their healthiest and happiest lives, delivered to you by industry-leading exports, to the comfort of your own home, for no additional fee!

We have hand-selected industry-leading experts in a range of the most popular and sought-after fields to host our Masterclasses! This indispensable knowledge will prove to be essential for reaching your detox goals, and will also act as a reference point to guide you through the long, healthy and radiant life you deserve!

Our industry-leading Masterclass experts are here to help transform your mind, body and life through a range of health and lifestyle topics.

Introducing our Masterclass keynote speakers:


Human Design

Jenna is a clinical Naturopath and Nutritionist (BHSc) who specialises in the Human Design System throughout her private practice. In this master class, Jenna will cover what Human Design is, how we can utilise human design to better understand our personalities, individual constitution, and our unique "energy mechanics", and why fighting against our natural energy creates internal resistance and causes strain to our physical and mental health. 

Jenna Carrol

Thank You!  Get Ready for

May 2023 Detox Challenge

Beginning Saturday 20th of May 2023

Emotional Eating

Dani is a Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and Women's Health Specialist. Dani has been practising for over 14 years, and will be providing insight on the true cause of emotional eating. This session will discuss the real reason people eat and drink their emotions. Most importantly, this session will also provide practical solutions for how to cultivate a more mindful relationship with our bodies and the way we nourish ourselves.  

Dani Vee

Financial Health

Amanda has over 20 years of experience in financial advising. Through private consultations and the development of impactful courses, Amanda helps educate women on how to overcome their financial fears and instead own their financial future. In this Masterclass, Amanda will be discussing how to ease financial anxiety to how to live a happier, financially abundant life. 

Amanda Thompson

Our Private Facebook Group is made up of over 7,000 incredible women who are embarking on the exact same journey as you! 

This group is here to support you, motivate you, provide detox tips and recipe inspiration, and answer any questions you may have whilst completing your Detox journey. 


SBN Private Facebook Support Group

You receive a FREE Pre-detox course and a FREE pouch of our Fat Burning Tea 2!!!

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